Grease 2
isn't the only '80s flick with a contingent of hard-core underground fans. Troop Beverly Hills -- the kiddie scout comedy starring Shelley Long -- apparently has such a devout following that a "sing-a-long, dance-a-long, quote-a-long" called Troop Beverly Hills: The Experienceis in the works. The plan is to premiere the event in Los Angeles, and then ship it to New York if all goes well.

This isn't quite some fan-created free-for-all. Rather than creating an environment for fans to come up with their own Rocky Horror-esque lines, there will be pre-set fan reactions organized and screened to tell attendees what to say and what to do. It's not the most organic way to go about things, but on the bright side, the event is also slated to help bring awareness to an organization called WriteGirl -- which mentors teen girls on their writing skills.

Director Jeff Kenew is kicking things off, and screenwriter Margaret Oberman might be in attendance, but they're still finalizing which, if any cast members join the fun. Really, that could be the biggest draw. The names include Carla Gugino, Jenny Lewis, Tori Spelling, and even director Betty Thomas in her last gig as an actress. The experience kicks off on Monday October 5 at the King King in Hollywood. Will you be there? And is there a large, underground love for rich girls in khakis that we never imagined? I get the Buffy fans, and the Rocky Horror fiends who still get in saucy garb, but this...

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