This week has already brought us the end of an era as we heard that our beloved B.A. Baracus is no longer solely played by the bling-wearing, mohawk-sporting icon Mr. T. But luckily we've got another tough guy on the way who should sooth the sting with his satirical blaxploitation ways -- Michael Jai White's Black Dynamite -- "the smoothest, baddest mother to ever hit the big screen."

We haven't heard anything from the butt-kicker since we shared an exclusive clip of the man's fighting action, but now as the film gears up for its October 16 release (bumped from September 4), a new trailer has been posted over at Yahoo. No surprise -- it's all sorts of bad/awesome. There's kung-fu action, heroic steps to stop drug dealers, and some Arsenio Hall if you look close enough. Watching this trailer, I'm already hoping for B.D. to rip into the folds of crappy spoofs like Epic Movie and kick some arse, before teaming up with The Hebrew Hammer for some kosher action.

But in the meantime, I've got a question for you: Watching this trailer, I can't help but wish that some of those tacky trailer voiceovers were delivered like this one. Imagine if the disappointing and somber voice in the My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done trailer was replaced with David Lynch, or anyone for that matter, giving the film's rundown blaxsploitation-style.

If you could add Black Dynamite's trailer voice over to any other film's trailer, which would it be?