Jim Carrey, Rachel McAdams, Ellen Page and Seth Rogen
O Canada! We sure do love our neighbor up north, and we really love Canadians -- they seem just like you and me, except they're funnier, more self-deprecating and have way cooler policeman's uniforms.

In honor of the Toronto Film Festival, we're paying tribute to our favorite Canadian movie actors of today. Some of them wear their Canadian-ness proudly on their sleeves, while others ... well, we bet you didn't know they were Canadian at all. (Pretty sneaky, Keanu.)

And then, just to make things fun, we enlisted our resident Canadian colleague, Urlesque editor Stephen Lenz (born in Michael Cera's hometown of Brampton, Ontario), to help us rate these actors' true Canadian-ness. Some of his ratings threw us for a loop, it's true ... but that's what being Canadian's all aboot, eh?
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