Disney launched their inaugural D23 (D for Disney, 23 for 1923 ... when the studio started) fan expo today in Anaheim, and the opening remarks from Bob Iger covered all of the facets the company is involved in, ranging from movies to music to ... home furnishings. He barely mentioned Marvel in passing, probably since the ink's still drying on that deal, but he did say that the Marvel characters "transcend gender, age, and geographical location." They plan on using the Disney brand name to "extend and increase" the Marvel brand, so brace yourself for that.

The capper for the keynote was when they surprised the audience by showing 30 minutes worth of The Princess and The Frog, DIsney's return to 2-D hand drawn animation five years after they said the art form was dead and planned to only do CGI films following Home on the Range. Thankfully, with the purchase of Pixar and the installation of John Lasseter as head of animation, they've returned to the old school way of doing things.
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