As movie fans, we always complain about the uber-annoying patrons who text their way through the film, kick your seat for two hours straight, and do their best to be an all-out nuisance. But they're only some of the many problems that can plague any theater-going experience. I was recently e-mailing with David Nusair of Reel Film Reviews, and we got on the topic of bad moviegoing luck -- those times when something unusual went wrong and ruined the cinematic experience.

On the audience front, there are the mishaps and emergencies that can't be avoided. I remember curling up to watch Interview with the Vampire for the second time at an old rep theater when a man had such a big seizure that the girls in front of him were covered in saliva, and everyone was in a panic thinking he was dying (he wasn't). And that's only the tip of the potential physical issues that can pop up, from heart-attacks to water-breaking labor. (Thankfully, I've never had to contend with those.)

But movie theater issues aren't only about patrons ...

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