As the final season of Lost approaches, hardcore fans of the show are beginning to freak out at the thought that, in just a few months from now, there will never ever be another episode of Lost (unless it's some "here's how it all went down" flashback thingy). So what can us freak addicts do to quench our cravings for all things Lost? Well, Profiles in History, the world's largest Hollywood memorabilia auctioneer, will be auctioning off tons of Lost memorabilia in May 2010, just as the series wraps up.

Among the items you might be able to pick up are those Virgin Mary statues, Sawyer's glasses, Charles Widmore's Oceanic 6 folder and photos, The Hatch Quarantine Door, Juliet's rum bottle, Charlie's DS ring, Naomi's satellite phone, Sawyer's childhood letter to Mr. Sawyer, Oceanic boarding passes and so much more.

Check out a few images of the items up for auction in the gallery below, then head on over here to see the rest. What's the one thing you definitely need to have?

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