Even though it's TIFF time and seemingly the entire movie world is descending on my home town of Toronto, remember, the Great White North isn't your only source of movie news. During the London-based Disney Animation Showcase, Pixar's John Lasseter dropped a tiny bombshell and let a few details fly about the upcoming sequels (or 'threequel' in Toy's case) to Toy Story and Cars. To be fair, we only got a taste, but at least we know a little more than what we did before. So on that note, let's go right to the big dog first, shall we?

Toy Story 3
Back in June, Elisabeth brought us the news that Pixar was looking to make a more a little more 'grown-up', but details about the flick were still being kept under lock and key. Today, though, the big news came when Lasseter showed a clip from the film with Andy all grown up and packing for college, while Woody and the gang headed for a storage container. The scene goes on to show Andy changing his mind and holding on to Woody, but unfortunately the rest of the toys aren't so lucky. Lasseter also gave a preview of the upcoming trailer that fleshes out the story a little more, and it looks like the action will center on Woody saving his friends from a local daycare center. Lasseter must have been in the 'sharing mood' because along with the clips and trailers, he confirmed that Timothy Dalton will be adding to the mix as a stuck-up hedgehog by the name of Mr. Pricklepants -- a name I will totally steal if I ever get a pet, but I digress.

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