No, Jeepers Creepers writer/director/creator Victor Salva has not officially titled the third entry to his franchise about a highway-side flesh-loving creature Jeepers Threepers, but he has told Dread Central that's what those who are trying to pull the film together lovingly call it. The actual title of the film is currently set as Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral and Salva tells Dread that financing is now beginning to materialize, with pre-production ideally not far off.

As for what Cathedral would entail, Salva had this to share, "Breck will of course don his wings once again as our favorite flying man-eater, though we have decided, after much fan feedback, to give him his truck back for the new film. Gina Phillips will be back in Jeepers Threepers (as we like to call it) playing Trisha Jenner, 23 years later, a successful business woman who has her own teenage son, Darry, named after her long lost brother."

He also made clear that the monstrous Breck would likely be terrorizing a new stretch of the highway in their fictitious state, which should swap out the previous southern farmland settings for a story largely set in the desert. Personally, I hope Salva does get the funds to do a part three. The first two films may not be great, but they're certainly out of the vein of what studios tend to invest their time in.

What say you? Any interest in a Jeepers Creepers 3? Or would you be more enticed to see Salva get the opportunity to develop one of the other four or five hypothetical projects he mentions to Dread? I'm game for part 3, but I'm hoping his "ghost story about Alcatraz" finds footing sooner rather than later.
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