Scrolling through his vast filmography, it is easy to see why prolific producer Roger Corman will forever be linked with low-grade schlock. Titles like Humanoids From the Deep, Night of the Cobra Woman, Supergator and Death Race do not scream Oscar, and yet at the age of 83 the legendary low-budget maestro is finally receiving the acknowledgment he deserves.

On November 14th, Corman will join silver screen royalty Lauren Bacall and cinematographer Gordon Willis at the Governor Awards' dinner for the receipt of an Honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science. And this is no, "Have this gold statue for producing some 380 odd films" sympathy gesture. Corman has had more of a hand in shaping the careers of Hollywood icons than most casual movie goers may know. The "King of Bs" gave career starts to everyone from James Cameron to Jack Nicholson to Francis Ford Coppola to Martin Scorsese to David Carradine to Ron Howard.

Considering the canon of film stars and film makers we'd be lacking were it not for Corman's influence, I think the honorary award is past due.
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