If that name of all that is geek converging with all that is Disney, today's D23 conference brought with it news of a new line of especially thrilling animated fare called Double Dare You that will be overseen by that oft-producing, oft-directing, and generally busy, busy, busy Guillermo del Toro.

According to Kevin Kelly over at Cinematical, a pre-recorded message from del Toro announced that "the first film under the label will be an original idea of his called Trollhunters," while a follow-up would be -- in Guillermo's words -- something "that you will be very familiar with."

Variety's report helped fill in a bit more of the nonetheless vague details, saying that not only will del Toro produce everything under this new banner, but he might even direct some of the projects himself. Yeah, just because he might accidentally have some free time amidst all his other announced projects...

Do you think del Toro can bring a more mature edge to the Disney name?
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