Dick Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney Studios, announced a new label in conjunction with Guillermo del Toro, Disney's Double Dare You. It's a line of animated films, books, and merchandise meant to capture the immersive Disney E-ticket experience, according to del Toro. "I remember visiting Disneyland for the first time over 40 years ago, when they used to use alphabetical tickets. The E-tickets were the highly immersive, story-driven experiences, and that's what we hope to bring you."

Del Toro, via a video message from New Zealand where he's working on The Hobbit, said the first film under the label will be an original idea of his called Trollhunters, with an additional feature to be announced soon, "that you will be very familiar with." Del Toro will produce all films under the new label. Our money is on a horror version of That Darn Cat. Finally.
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