I know Cinematical readers are just like our writers in that they need a steady supply of free movies and television 24/7. That's why sites like Hulu and Netflix Instant have been a gift from the Powers That Be, as you can see almost anything your heart desires at the weirdest times of the day or night. Now you'll have a new instant watch option with AOL's SlashControl.

SlashControl has just launched this week, and has partnered with more than 30 sites to bring you lots and lots of free television shows and movies. You'll be able to access content from ABC, CBS, CW, Showtime, Hulu, A&E, The History Channel, National Geographic, Crackle and the WB, and that's just the beginning. The site is very well designed, and has a search function that's even faster than Hulu's, so you can quickly kick yourself for not watching Session 9 while it was still available.

Right now, their movie selection is drawn from Hulu and Crackle, but they'll undoubtedly be branching out and offering unique content. But there's still enough to watch on here that you won't be bored, as you can overdose on 99 episodes of The A-Teamin order to better debate the remake casting, or have a Daniel Day-Lewis double feature with The Boxer and The Last of the Mohicans. You know you want to, and the beauty of online watching is that SlashControl won't tell anyone what you're up to.