Imagine taking the writer of the classic Troma flick Tromeo and Juliet, the Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake, and the web series PG , and giving him a superhero to work with. What could possibly be the result? A trusty wrench-swinging super power-free hero called the Crimson Bolt in the shape of Rainn Wilson.

Variety reports that Wilson, Ellen Page, and Liv Tyler will star in James Gunn's comedy Super -- which has got to be the "f'd up low-rent Watchmen piece" being shopped to indie outlets back in March. Zeroing in on the superhero genre, the flick will focus on an average guy who finds his "pseudo-superhero alter ego" after seeing that his wife (Tyler) is falling for a charming drug dealer. There's no mention of who Page will play in this story, but it would make for quite an interesting twist if she's the one doling out the drugs.

Okay... So this isn't the first time Gunn has tackled the superhero genre. In 2000, he wrote The Specials -- a film I hunted for for about 5 years before giving up finding it anywhere (although now I think I know just where to find it). One can only hope this will do better. And with Wilson's early description of the project, it'll probably be a whole lot better than those Scooby Doo flicks.
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