Variety has broken news that 30 Days of Night star Josh Hartnett is set to headline Gunslinger for Kiss of the Dragon and Blood: The Last Vampire director Chris Nahon. The project is described by Mark Williams, one of the film's producers, as a "unique and startling look at what might happen when the lawlessness of the Old West returns ... but with better weapons."

Details are sparse at the moment as to what exactly "better weapons" entails, but Williams did explain to Variety that the story of a pair of brothers seeking revenge on the gang that killed their parents is set in post-apocalyptic America's snow covered wastelands. Though things are quite vague right now, the idea of an end-of-times tale using a backdrop other than desolate desert and crumbling city-centers is mighty appealing.

Oh, and though they share the same title, rest easy knowing that this Josh Hartnett vehicleis not an adaptation of the similarly plotted first entry to Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger. JJ Abrams and company are holding that project close to their chests for now, so there's still no public movement on that front.
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