Looks like he's finally made it! Barry Manilow will soon write the songs that make the cinematic world sing.* Oh, yes. Variety reports that Michael Stipe and Sandy Stern of Single Cell are joining Playtone's Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman to create a romantic comedy focusing on Manilow's extensive song catalog.

But we're not talking about some Mamma Mia! sort of flick where famous folks get together and try to belt out songs like they're Abba. Why get some stand-ins when you can get the real thing? The film will be a character-driven smorgasbord of Manilow fans heading to Las Vegas to see the icon headline Mandalay Bay. His music will drive the piece, and there will even be a performance or two by the man himself.

Could it be magic? Darn tootin'. They say this will be in the vein of Love Actually, and I hope they make a distinct effort to keep this quirky and slightly off-the-wall fun. No sugar-washed romcom with a goofy, sexy woman, or some cocky chauvinists. If you're going to make a movie saturated with Barry Manilow, do it right. (But not with stripper angels.. Can't Hardly Wait already covered that.) Otherwise, you'll have some angry fans raining down as cold as ice.

*Although, of course, that was one of the songs that Barry didn't write.
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