One of the odder moments during this morning's Walt Disney Studios presentation at D23 didn't involve Johnny Depp dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. No, it involved Nicolas Cage (with brand-new hair and a sharp little goatee) talking about The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which he's starring in as well as producing. Apparently he watches Fantasia every year, calling it "the most beautiful movie ever made" and he had the idea to pull out Mickey's Sorcerer's Apprentice portion and make it into a modern day film.

However, things went a bit ... goofy when he was asked what it was like to produce the movie. He explained that 9/11 really puts his movie into perspective: "A day like September 11th kind of puts into focus everything that I want to accomplish as a producer. I make films for the children. When times get tough it is increasingly important that we put a smile on faces all over world and entertain the entire family and I think that's what The Sorcerer's Apprentice was all about."

So, there you go.
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