Jennifer's Body and Men Who Stare at Goats
Every year in September, Hollywood heads to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival. There are sumptuous red carpet premieres, star-studded cocktail parties and, most importantly, a slew of films looking to score some big-time commercial and critical buzz.

The Fest is traditionally a launching-pad for studios' Oscar hopefuls, and this year is no exception -- with not one but two George Clooney films hitting the screens, Matt Damon doing the weight-gain-for-Oscars thing, and Megan Fox getting nasty as a flesh-eating cheerleader (though, sadly, we're not sure its her time for Oscar glory just yet).

Whether you're heading to the festival (which runs from Sept. 10-19, by the way) or just want to know which movies are stoking buzz, Moviefone picks 12 flicks that are sure to make noise in Canada.