If you're an aspiring filmmaker or an aspiring designer, then you might dig this latest contest from our good friends at Gen Art. The company, who specialize in promoting emerging talent in film, music and fashion, have partnered with Fox Searchlight and Wes Anderson's upcoming flick The Fantastic Mr. Fox on a competition that asks designers and filmmakers to incorporate these foxy characters into what they do best.

The meat and potatoes of the contest revolve around designers pitching easy-to-make Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes, and then filmmakers using the winning designs to create a do-it-yourself video that teaches folks at home how to make the costume themselves. Of course there's plenty of room for tons of creative freedom -- just how you design your costume or shoot your how-to video is completely up to the artist, with some fine cash prizes for the winners. Check out all the specifics over at the contest's official website, then let us know if you enter so we can scope out your creation. Assuming the finalist videos are available online, we'll be back to show you what the finished products looks like. In the meantime, check out the trailer for The Fantastic Mr. Fox (which hits theaters November 13) after the jump.