Now that there's been some time to digest the news that Disney and Marvel have joined forces, we can begin to have some fun with what could (but ultimately will not) be the future of this new partnership (we hope). The clever folks over at Worth1000 have just finished piecing together a photoshop contest that asked readers to design a Marvel/Disney hybrid in honor of the recent announcement ... and the results were, um, pretty hilarious.

We're talking characters like The Incredible Snow White, Spider Chicken, Buzz Iron Man, Captain Incredible and more. While there's a pretty good chance we'll never ever see these beloved Disney characters Marvel-fied, that doesn't mean we can't play pretend. (Note to Disney: Just because we can laugh at Spider Mickey doesn't necessarily mean we'll ever forgive you if Spider Mickey arrived in movie theaters a few years down the line.)

Check out some of our favorites below and the entire collection over at Worth1000.

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