We usually don't wiggle ourselves around in the dirty celeb gossip of Hollywood, but this back-and-forth between Michael Bay and Megan Fox has been so much more entertaining than both Transformers films combined. The two have been lobbing insults at one another ever since Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hit theaters, but when Fox recently compared working with Bay to working with Hitler, her words set off a firestorm that has now led to a ferocious, mean-spirited letter written by three Transformers crew members to magically appear on Michael Bay's own site.

The crew members, who wisely do not mention their names (though they give vague hints as to what their roles were on set) absolutely go off on Megan Fox, calling her (among other things) "dumb as a rock", "the grump of the set", "the queen of talking trailer trash and posing like a porn star" and "as about ungracious a person as you can ever fathom." Obviously Bay himself is aware of this letter since he actually allowed it to be posted on his own personal website, which pretty much cements the fact that neither of these two will ever work together again unless they're paid enough cash to ignore the feud. Does this mean Fox will be replaced in Transformers 3? And how will she respond to the accusations in this letter? I know it's lame of me to say, but I kinda can't wait to find out.

Check out the entire hilarious Transformers crew letter after the jump.
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