Spoiler alert: The Marvel / Pixar Ant-Man rumors flying around are purely that ... rumor. That's according to John Lasseter, who headlined an enormous Disney Animation / Pixar presentation this morning. We spoke with him at a press conference afterwards, where he squashed the Ant-Man rumors, and wouldn't comment on possible sequels to The Incredibles or Monsters, Inc. He also said they have no plans to reopen the closed Disney Orlando animation studios, and when we asked him how they'll handle Doc's (Paul Newman) absence in Cars 2, to which he replied "You'll see."

Plus he had no news whatsoever of any Disney/Pixar/Marvel plans, although I guess that's hardly surprising since the ink is still drying on that contract.

That's the big news about what he didn't clue us in on. So what did he tell us? We found out that Rapunzel will feature the voice of Mandy Moore as Rapunzel, and Zachary Levi as a roguish bandit named Flynn Rider who becomes Rapunzel's love interest. It will be Disney's 50th feature animated film, their first computer-animated fairytale, and the first CG musical. "There's a lot of girl power in this movie," according to Lasseter. Which isn't odd considering that it's about a young girl with 70 feet of hair. Read on after the break for more.
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