Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Twilight: New MoonBreak out the popcorn, 'Twilight' fans: We've got the new full-length trailer for 'New Moon,' which just premiered at the VMAs but which you can watch online right here, right now -- over and over and over again, if you feel like it.

In the trailer, you'll see Edward (Robert Pattinson) breaking Bella's heart; Bella (Kristen Stewart) becoming an "adrenaline junkie" to catch glimpses of Edward; Edward facing the Volturi royalty (one of whom is played by a grown-up-looking Dakota Fanning); Jacob (Taylor Lautner) saving Bella's life. The wolf pack makes an appearance, too. But brace yourself, Taylor Lautner fans -- in one of the four shots we see of Jacob, he is wearing a shirt. I know! Fortunately, he is shirtless in the other three. And for those of you on Team Edward, have no fear ... he does some chest-baring of his own.