We sat down with Sean Bailey, the producer working on Tron: Legacy at Disney's D23. We couldn't get him to spill the beans entirely, but he does give up a few details. They still have more than a year's worth of work to do in post-production on this movie, so really this interview is only going to serve to get you very excited for a movie that you're going to have to wait on for quite awhile.

Luckily, it still sounds exciting. Thankfully, they aren't making the internet the focus this time around, which would have been disastrous. Just imagine Tron standing on the edge of a glowing neon valley and uttering the words "information superhighway." If they'd made this movie back in early 1990s, that's what you might have had. In Legacy, the system from the first movie is separate from all things online, so you won't have to worry about rogue programs running loose in HTML.

Slip on your patience hats, pop the original Tron into your DVD player, and read the full interview just after the break. There's a few secrets waiting on you.