The title above sounds like the setup for a punchline, but it isn't. It's actually the premise of a script idea that Ronny Yu has confessed to Shock Till You Drop as being one of his next potential projects. Though I suppose considering on how much you like the Bride of Chucky and Freddy vs Jason director, you may still think the following is a joke.

"It takes place in Australia. The way it's set up there with the outback and a remote area – the story is very interesting. There's this little bank in the middle of nowhere with a lot of money in it. Then you have a bunch of robbers coming into town from other places that want to rob that bank. The interesting thing is that bank is owned by wolfmen. A werewolf gang, they're all wolfmen. But then the robbers are vampires," he laughs. "And each party didn't know that. The moment the robbery happens, the bad guys realize, 'Oh shit. We're robbing werewolves.'"

Personally, I don't care if it is a joke, I think it sounds like a blast. I'm growing tired of the self-serious resurgence of vampires and, to a smaller degree, werewolves into the horror fold, so I'd be glad to see something that exploits how fun and inherently action packed those two mythologies can be. Hell, I'd be happy to get a movie about werewolves in the outback who run a bank. Having them defend their vault from vampires is just, well, awesome.

Click on to Shock for more thoughts from Yu, including the prospect of an animated Chinese vampire movie.
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