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Stonehenge has long been one of the most recognizable monuments in England, which is saying a lot considering you can barely drive for ten minutes without finding something of great historical significance on the relatively small island. And it's easy to understand why; it's baffling to think of the prehistoric human endeavor required to construct such a monument, which intrinsically bestows their hidden purpose with a romantic sense of mysticism. Such mystery is often exploited in fantasy storytelling, be it in a variation on the legend of King Arthur that cites Merlin as the artist behind the massive calendar or a similar series of megalithic stones used as a UFO landing pad in the sci-fi-horror-comedy Evil Aliens.

Yet it is not widely realized that prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge are common throughout the United Kingdom. In fact, there are hundreds of them in all shapes and sizes, several of which are still unexplained thousands of years after creation. Today's lunch break is a trailer for a documentary called Standing With Stones that attempts to demystify the awe-inspiring megaliths scattered across Britain and Ireland.
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