- Finally! ABC has canceled the awful space soapDefying Gravity. To be fair, I stopped watching about four episodes in, but the show seemed to get worse every week. Did things ever turn around after that, or did it deserve the ax after only eight eps?

- Super hot movie star (or guy in need of a job, it's kinda hard to tell) Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he'd like to reprise his role as Pa Winchester on The CW's Supernatural. "If it really is going to be canceled after this year, I'd like to come back," he told SciFi Wire.

- Bad news, Battlestar Galactica fans. It looks like the Caprica cancellation rumors are starting to turn up, even though the series has yet to premiere on Syfy. I loved the two-hour DVD premiere, and I think the show could turn out to be just as good as BSG.

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