Hello. My name is Jennifer. I go by Jen, but that's beside the point. My name is Jennifer, and I have a question: Why are all the "Jennifer" movies scary? By that I mean films with the name "Jennifer" in the title, most of which are frightening, disturbing, violent horror films. Jennifer 8 was about the hunt for a serial killer. Dario Argento's titular Jenifer was a retarded, mute cannibal. Even Diablo Cody couldn't lay off, making her latest protagonist, a Jennifer, the symbol not only of high school evil, but of evil evil. What's in a name, and why does mine strike fear into the hearts of filmmakers?

To investigate the unfair cinematic sullying of the name on behalf of Jennifers everywhere, I decided to take a closer look at "Jennifer" movies to find out how, or even why, we seem to inspire these scary, scary stories.
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