By: Kevin Kelly

It will have been 28 years after the original Tron when Tron: Legacy arrives, but the nearly three-decade gap hasn't dulled Steven Lisberger's enthusiasm for the project. He wrote and directed the first movie, spending much of his own money in the development process, until he and his team finally found a studio to say yes. Even after that, it wasn't easy getting the movie made. People were skeptical about using computers to do special effects, and, in the end, Tron failed to win a special effects Oscar ... because the Academy said they "cheated" by using computers. Oh, the irony.

These days, Lisberger more closely resembles The Dude, Jeff Bridges' character in The Big Lebowski. He has long hair, a bushy goatee, and a very laid-back attitude about life. He doesn't give short, bite-sized, media-ready answers that the internet loves, but instead he takes the time to pause and give thoughtful answers to questions both simple and complicated. Read on after the break for the full interview, where he compares Tron: Legacy to the Wright brothers' flight attempts.
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