I'm of the mind that when you're a fan, it makes a lot more sense to save for the big things than throw away $20 here and there for something mediocre. For example: Would you want to spend a couple hundred bucks on some collectibles that will probably never be worth a whole heck of a lot, or spend $150 on a collection of glasses, or $100 on a chair that belonged to Ingmar Bergman.

Come on. If you're a fan or cinema, what can be cooler than that? A Swedish site called Bukowskis is auctioning off a lot of the filmmaker's stuff -- art, furniture, and movie equipment. (Unless, pray tell me Swedish speakers, this is something else, lost in translation?) Some of the items can be quite expensive, heading into thousands of Swedish kronor (approx 6,500 sek equals $1,000), but some are set under $100, which I think is beyond reasonable for something owned by the man behind Fanny and Alexander, Autumn Sonata, Wild Strawberries, and the film I keep meaning to see: Summer with Monika.

Any bidders?

[via Movie City Indie]
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