You never know when you're going to get blindsided by a very good film, especially if you're fortunate enough to attend film festivals like Toronto, Sundance, and/or South By Southwest. Sometimes that "ultra-hot ticket" delivers a big fat dud of a film, and other times you just find yourself sitting in front of a film you know nothing about -- and it's just freakin' great. Such is most certainly the case with Aaron Schneider's Get Low, an excellent little dramatic piece that's awash in humanity, warmth, insight, and wit.

But I lied a little in that last paragraph: Prior to seeing Get Low, I was aware of one thing -- and that was the cast. Like most movie fans of a certain age and attitude, I'll see anything that Bill Murray shows up in. Anything. I also knew that Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black, two very fine actors, were also involved, and that just raised my interest a little more. But the reason I skipped over the Ellen Page roller-derby film and the new Ricky Gervais satire can be summed up in one name: Mr. Robert Duvall.