Mia Wasikowska as Tim Burton is making the rounds trying to put to rest the fears of the mindless rabble. You can call them the pitchfork mob. "They" are concerned that by having Tim Burton involved in the Disney update of Alice in Wonderland, we're sure to see dark and disturbing images that will give us all nightmares.

Burton says, "It's a Disney movie! Look, these things are what they are." He knows who the audience is for a Disney movie and he's not looking to upset the apple cart. He also says, "All children's literature is somewhat politically incorrect. We're not doing anything in it that's more than what's already in Alice In Wonderland."

The thing is, though, that Disney has traditionally sanitized anything politically incorrect out of their adaptations. What do you think? I'd love to see a more sinister interpretation of the events in Alice in Wonderland. Certainly Alice was overwhelmed and terrified by much of the nonsense around her. Or should he keep it squeaky clean for the mouse?

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