Celeb Sightings:
The Edmonton Sun threw up some lovely red carpet pictures ranging from Julianne Moore to Atom Egoyan, but nothing beats the stunners from Daily Dose of Imagery. That guy gets drool-worthy pics every year that'll beat the miniscule and blurry pics festgoers get from the back row. Meanwhile, the George Clooney quest for politeness turns out to be a hoax, ohnotheydidn't goes wild for Cillian Murphy, and Jane Fonda re-thinks her signature on the TIFF protest letter.

Our Coverage:Scott Weinberg gave us the low-down on Cleanflix -- the documentary showcasing how much the Mormons love to clean up our favorite Hollywood movies. He said that it's "a film that attempts to tell the whole tale from beginning to end (and mostly does a fine job of it), but also manages to wander way off-track before all is said and done." William Goss wrote about the woes of Creation -- the film that just about everyone seems to be bored with. We got to throw up some exclusive images from Bad Lieutenant, and Eugene Novikov says of Nic Cage: "It's a completely absurd performance -- and, God willing, a way for the actor to let off steam and return to the more nuanced, settled acting he used to do." And I threw in some female flavor with a Girls on Film discussing just how many female directors and femme-centric films are at the fest.

After the jump, Willem Dafoe talks death and more!