Cinematical has received four exclusive new character banners and the final IMAX poster for Where the Wild Things Are, the eagerly anticipated Spike Jonze adaptation of Maurice Sendak's timeless children's picture book. In fact, for people born after the book's first publication in 1963, Where the Wild Things Are may just be the most anticipated release left on the 2009 calendar. I can't recall the last time - if there ever even was one - a simple trailer for a film was met with such an overwhelming degree of universal admiration (watch both trailers after the jump), which leads me to believe the five posters in the collage above and the ones in the gallery below are bound to adorn the walls of dorm rooms, home theaters, and living rooms around the world.

And that's not just blind hyperbole for a movie I am deeply looking forward to. I've seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are cause grown men to shed tears. And while I may not share so strong a reaction to it, it's hard to deny that Spike Jonze's gift for truly beautiful imagery combined with Dave Eggers' (the brilliant author behind the WTWTA adapted screenplay) talent for reducing all of us to vulnerable children has created a palpable tingle in the film loving air.

Warner Brothers shows us Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX and regular theaters on October 16th.

Check out the new banners and poster in the gallery below, along with the previously-released banners and poster.