When I first read about the premise of [REC] a couple of years back, I thought it sounded like something with potential, but once I saw an early teaser for it, compiled of audience reactions at Sitges and no footage whatsoever, I knew I was game.

Cut to present day, and I've grown considerably wearier of not only the hokiertactics used to sell horror movies, but the minimal theatrical runs that some are forced to face. Then along comes Paramount, in the wake of burning off whatever Vantage titles they had acquired, who proceeds to not only dust off their long-ago-purchased home-video horror, Paranormal Activity, but opt to forgo their announced remake plans in lieu of releasing the original -- well, with a reportedly re-shot ending anyway.

I saw what would now appear to be the original (and, well, moderately creepy*) cut a good while back, and while I'm sure that, like any good horror, it'll play great with a crowd, the hype machine is in full force as the select blurbs all insist on seeing it in a theater and the select markets next weekend encourage you to insist on seeing it in a theater near you if it won't already be there.

If nothing else, it's a smart sales push, especially among the genre-heavy wide releases of both September and October. However, Sorority Row, Whiteout, Jennifer's Body, Pandorum, The Stepfather, and Saw IV won't have to worry about big-time buzz overshadowing a small-scale movie. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm glad that Paranormal is getting a proper push, and I hope that its future fans won't think it's the next sliced bread just because they were sold on that idea going in.

Check out the new trailer after the jump.

(*As in impressive-for-its-resources creepy, not hide-under-the-covers creepy, though maybe that's just me...)
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