In reading this piece over on io9 called 'The Cities You Can Never Leave', I'm reminded of just how restricting some of our most memorable sci-fi cities actually were. And maybe it says a little something about us that a great majority of the fictional futures we create contain cities where citizens cannot leave for one reason or another (though exiting said city usually means a punishment by death). Why is that? Why are we so obsessed with not being able to leave our home? Are we really that afraid of losing our freedom -- to the point where it's become an underlying theme in more sci-fi films than one can count? What do you think?

Some of my personal favorite restricted cities mentioned by io9 are The Axiom (from WALL-E), The City of Domes (from Logan's Run), The Electronic Labyrinth (from THX 1138), Seahaven (The Truman Show) and New York and Los Angeles (from Escape from NY and Escape from LA).

What are yours?
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