A little more than a year after Warner Bros announced they were rebooting Superman, they've decided to quietly shelve the Man of Steel for the time being. DC Entertainment's new president Diane Nelson told the MTV Splash Page that the fledgling company wasn't planning to revive the character or his franchise any time soon. "We've obviously done a lot of great things behind the property in our history, and it's a key part of the family, but we don't have current plans behind Superman," says Nelson.

Considering the legal entanglements and 2011 deadlines, that's really not much of a surprise. When Warner Bros' president Alan Horn was called to the stand in the Siegel case, he said there were no plans for another film despite how much he'd like to make one. Of course, things could change today or tomorrow if someone at DCE or Warner Bros decides they don't want to risk another lawsuit with the Siegels, as the ruling stipulated they could sue for damages if the studio failed to get a film underway.

I know a lot of Superman fans really wanted another movie (and somewhere, Mark Millar is weeping), but I think this is good news in the long run. They won't rush a bad film into production, and when they revive the character, it'll be with every intention of bringing him to a new generation of fans. However, let's have a moment of silence for the fact that we won't see Jon Hamm put on the cape and shield. I really really liked that piece of fan casting.
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