MTV, an outlet I don't believe has ever covered the Twilight franchise, is reporting that Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night director David Slade has visions of turning Eclipse, the upcoming third film in Stephenie Meyer's paranormal romance series, into a film guys may actually want to bring their dates to. One may assume their source for this speculation should have been as obvious as David Slade's historical track record - revenge-loving jail bait and deformed, snow-covered throat-rippers don't exactly scream PG-13 hugs and cuddles - but their actual informant is Eclipse co-star Ashley Greene:

"The first one was very focused on this love story and really sweet and it was beautiful, but it didn't have a lot of stuff that guys would go, 'Yeah, I want to go see that,' " she said. "There's going to be a lot more focus on [action], and the fight scene will have more emphasis on it. I definitely think it will be a little more guy-friendly."

Now before you doubt how a singular fight scene designates a film more "guy-friendly", keep in mind that Greene is referring to only her character's big showdown, which apparently has left the young actress, who plays Alice Cullen, adopted sister to dreamboat Edward Cullen, bruised from all the stunt training. MTV is quick to point out that the novel culminates in "a climactic battle of vampires and werewolves", which certainly sounds like something basic enough to attract a tree-chopping, tobacco-chewing, barrel-chested king of men like me... until I remember that we're talking about a franchise that makes that which normally bursts into horrific flames sparkle like an '80s be-dazzler in sunlight.
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