The gallery of colorful character actors has lost another one of its most reliable members. Don't feel bad if you don't know the name Henry Gibson, because I suspect that a "supporting" player like Mr. Gibson would take your ignorance as a compliment. Actors like Henry Gibson generally show up 7th or 8th in the opening credits, if they show up there at all, but they excel at two things: Providing flawless support for a lead actor or a big star, and giving movie-watchers a nice comfortable vibe of "Ohhh, this guy! He's been in a dozen flicks I've seen before. No idea who he is, but I'm glad to see him again."

That was Henry Gibson. The frustrated "Illinois Nazi" from The Blues Brothers. The confused grocer in Innerspace. The goofy preacher from Wedding Crashers. He was in Nashville, The Long Goodbye, The Nutty Professor, Magnolia, and The 'Burbs. He worked on the screen, on the stage, and in more TV shows than you've probably ever seen. Hell, he was even the voice of Wilbur in the animated version of Charlotte's Web.

Mr. Gibson passed away this week at the age of 73. I think its safe to say he left behind a legion of adoring colleagues (he worked a lot!), to say nothing of the appreciative old-school film fans. He will be missed. The Cinematical staff sends its condolences and best wishes to Mr. Gibson's friends and family.
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