From the minute I first met the endearingly maniacal Joe Lynch, I know we'd be pals: We were attending a Horror Convention in Mesquite, Texas. We talked horror flicks for about an hour before he said "Hey, dude, did you know I just directed Wrong Turn 2? It's not done post-production yet, but if you want to come up to my hotel room, I'll show you something really cool."

I figured he was going to try and kill me (or worse), so at least it'd make for a nifty blog post. Instead he showed me the opening kill of Wrong Turn 2 ... and I knew I'd found a friend for life. All of which is my way of saying: When it comes to horror, regardless of what you thought of Wrong Turn 2, Joe Lynch is a man you can trust. Case in point: His latest edition of Body Count for G4 shines a spotlight on three new horror DVDs ... but this guy's not interested in raving about studio flicks or well-established cult favorites. And since I don't want to spoil Joe's surprises, I'll just embed the clip after the jump and let you judge for yourself.

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