Of the "nerdy science kid" movies of the 1980s, I've always preferred Real Genius over Weird Science, and it has everything to do with young Val Kilmer. Not because he was godlike in his looks, but because he was hilarious in his bunny slippers. Kilmer is one of those actors you just want to shake senseless because he had it all, and chose to blow off his career in so many ways.

But this isn't a post about Kilmer, it's my favorite Real Genius montage. I abruptly remembered it thanks to being up around CU-Boulder a few days ago and realizing the fall semester had just started. I haven't been out of school that long, but it's amazing how quickly you forget the hell rush of class registration, book buying, and trying to decide which of your professors you'll be unable to stand. Every year, this montage popped into my head (which means I probably watched this movie way too many times), and I was all too aware that I was Mitch. My backpack was twice my size because I was so dedicated, I never missed a class, I spent my evenings trying to figure out who Shakespeare's Dark Lady was, and I'm pretty sure I once fell down some stairs because I was reading something. But all that hard work put me right here, posting about my unhealthy memorization of Real Genius!

Jump below for the montage. If you're in college right now, maybe you'll identify with it a little bit.