Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullsApparently the boys are hammering out the details for a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise. Harrison Ford says that if the script is good he'll come back. But does that mean anything? He put on the fedora for Indiana Jones and the Space Invaders and that took the franchise in a direction it didn't need to go.

What's next? Indiana Jones and the Flying Saucer of Anal Probing? Indy and Mutt are abducted by aliens and brought on board their spaceship filled with ... snakes! The Jones boys must escape the clutches of the aliens by swinging from Indy's whip into an escape pod and make their way back to Earth with the alien's plans for planetary destruction so they can give them to Randy Quaid, who'll fly his plane right into the aliens' ship and blow 'em all up while Will Smith sheds a tear.

Damn, and I thought they couldn't top the fourth one. If Indiana Jones is going to come back, he needs to return to his mystical roots and leave the aliens for someone else to play with. ET II: Extra-Terrestrial Boogaloo maybe. What would you do in the new movie?
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