I've yet to determine whether John Travolta shot The Taking of Pelham 123 or From Paris with Love first, but it's nice to see him progress from a shaved-bald baddie with a fu manchu and a fondness for the f-word to a shaved-bald bad-ass with a full goatee and a fondness for the f-word. Such range he has.

Travolta's Agent Wax (yes, really) is teamed up with American lackey Richard Stevens (played by Dublin's own Jonathan Rhys Meyers) to prevent a terrorist attack in Paris (played by Paris). If the new expletive-laden trailer from Movie City News is any indication, there'll be plenty of wisecracks and crack shots in Pierre Morel and Luc Besson's follow-up to Taken, whose credits alone should've told us as much.

It's strange to see a trailer takes its own tonal turn towards the end, but it looks like things go from cheeky fun to Training Day 2. Let's hope the movie doesn't get bogged down in the same way come next February. You can check out the trailer after the jump, but bear in mind that it is a bit NSFW.