HorrorSquad papabear Scott Weinberg is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival getting an early perusal of all kinds of films the rest will have to wait months to see. And to make the wait even worse, it seemed best to bring over a few excerpts from Weinberg's FEARnet reviews of three highly anticipated genre films.

The Hole, Directed by Joe Dante
How strongly the hardcore horror fans will be able to embrace such a low-key, gore-free, and ardently nostalgic little thriller remains to be seen, but those of us old enough (or young enough) to remember The Gate, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and (yes) Gremlins will probably find something to enjoy in The Hole. Aside from some minor pacing issues in the mid-section, the flick breezes by at a quick clip, it's really quite pretty to look at (well done, cinematographer Theo van de Sande), and the scary bits are delivered quite playfully. The screening I witnessed was presented in 3-D, which I found virtually unnecessary, as the flick is fun enough without the gimmick, but hey, if that's what it takes to get today's youthful movie geeks in touch with Joe Dante, then I'll make that sacrifice.

Read his full thoughts here.
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