Cinematical has received three exclusive teaser posters for Women In Trouble, that filthy, good-for-nothing tramp of a film from writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez (Snakes on a Plane) that's caused quite the stir online with its provocative tone and Carla Gugino awesomeness. Described as a serpentine day in the life of ten seemingly disparate women, the film dishes out one of those multi-layered storylines full of sex, intrigue and a damn whole lotta trouble. Co-starring alongside Gugino are a bevy of Hollywood's most underrated seductresses, like Marley Shelton, Adrianne Palicki, Cameron Richardson, Connie Britton and my personal favorite, Emmanuelle Chriqui. And if those names aren't enough to turn you on, then maybe the promise of assless spandex pants and this behind-the-scenes video will.

Still not convinced? Here, our own Jette Kernion said this about Women In Trouble from its SXSW premiere: "Women in Trouble is a fun addition to the current trend of revisiting and reworking exploitation-film themes in a lighthearted way." She later adds, "There's a certain pleasure in seeing a movie where the men are relegated to the Supportive Spouse and Lust Interest roles, after I've seen so many films where those are the only roles for women."

Check out all three eclectic posters in the gallery below, and be sure to keep the light on for Women In Trouble when it dips into theaters in New York and Los Angeles on November 13.