Despite the fact that it's been receiving a whole ton of positive buzz (read our review here) following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Weinstein Co. has decided to push back the release date for Youth in Revolt yet again to January 15, 2010. Those following the film will remember that it was originally supposed to hit theaters last December before being pushed to February and then October ... and now January of next year. And it wouldn't be such a big deal if the film was a piece of crap, but Youth in Revolt -- which features Michael Cera in his most hilarious role to date -- is actually a fun, original comedy that deserves to spend some time in theaters, like, before the end of this decade.

Most likely this is due to The Weinstein Co. not having the funds or what-now to give this film a proper release, which isn't anything new. Last year The Road went through the same release date shift (it's now due on November 25 - fingers crossed it doesn't get pushed back too), and some sources were even speculating that the much-hyped Rob Marshall movie-musical Nine-- which is awkwardly scheduled to arrive in theaters on the same day as The Road, November 25 -- would also get shoved off to 2010 ... though the Weinstein boys have denied that to be true.

It's just a shame is all -- I know a lot of folks out there are looking forward to Youth in Revolt, and what a better time to release it than right after it received great buzz at a film festival. But, if all they can do is dump it in the middle of January, so be it. We'll be back at that time to remind you that it's worth the watch. Sigh ... Nick Twisp wouldn't stand for any of this nonsense!