In my neck of the woods, the Orlando Sentinel's Roger Moore seemed to spot it first. The Colonial Promenade, de facto destination for dollar movies (on Tuesdays anyway), appeared to be opening something called Blood Creek on Friday. The only title that IMDb had to spare was a 2006 Canadian horror flick that had already come out on DVD up there, although this map of showtimes would suggest that it's sweeping the nation regardless.

However, Lionsgate had opened Midnight Meat Train at this same theater and others like it last summer, and they did have distribution rights for Joel Schumacher's latest thriller, which had been alternating titles between Creek and Town Creek while sitting on the proverbial shelf for nearly two years. Without a Clive Barker to raise a fuss this time around, who was to know any better if it slipped into a couple of so-called 'dollar' theaters over the weekend?

Yesterday, Memphis' John Beifuss confirmed that said film was to quietly open in their market as well. He mentions Dallas as another location for the film. Bloody Disgusting readers name-checked Canton, OH; Manteca, CA; Las Cruces, NM; Wichita, KS; and Plano, TX; Shock-ers mentioned Willoughby, OH and Saginaw, MI.

We have our review up over on Horror Squad. In the meantime, if you happen to notice it playing in your neighborhood, help us out narrow things down by commenting below. We find "shame releases" all sorts of fascinating.

(Pardon the modest shot of the one-sheet, but until my cell phone looks to co-operate a bit better, that's the first glimpse of it that you can see online.)
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