Part of me wishes science invented some sort of machine that made it so delicious treats would fall from the sky, but if ever there was such a machine, all it would do is cause more traffic jams. Oh yeah, I'm not so worried about houses being destroyed or an increase in the average weight per household -- what concerns me most is traffic. Massive amounts of congestion on the freeway because an extra large meatball landed in the wrong place at the wrong time. Granted, the edible factor may alleviate issues fairly quickly, but how many people would be itching to take a bite out of something that not only fell from the sky, but also landed on the ground? Um, not me.

But anyway, this week's new animated flick Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is already receiving rave reviews (read Cinematical's positive take here), and in conjunction with the release one of the film's animators, Armand Serrano, has put up a bunch of cool concept art over on his blog. The first post has to do with designing the Jello Mold and Ice Cream Tower, and I imagine there's more to come. Check it out. Yum.

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