Something tells us Diablo Cody has the Urban Dictionary bookmarked on her computer. Or at least she should, since her fast-flying prose was born to be defined in the 4,000 word-strong dictionary of subculture slang. Juno, the celebu-scribe's Oscar-winning debut feature about teen pregnancy, not only gave the world such Codyspeak classics as "This ain't no Etch-a-Sketch" and "your Eggo is preggo," it's also been christened by the UD itself as a verb. As in, "You can't raise that baby? Just Juno it!"

Like it or not, the Diablo Codyspeak continues in this week's horror-comedyJennifer's Body, in which Megan Fox transforms from cheerleader to literal man-eater much to the chagrin of her mousy BFF. (That's pronounced "biff" in the film, by the way.) As it turns out, all the high schoolers in Cody's universe have the same razor-sharp ear for snarky lingo and referential zingers, so here's a selection of Jennifer Body's hipsterisms with the most repeat value for your pop culture edification.