In 2005, Greg McLean's 'Wolf Creek' introduced a new sub-genre to the horror tradition, that of the Outback slasher. This year, the Aussie filmmaker passes the baton on to Sean Byrne, whose film 'The Loved Ones' also takes place in rural Australia but is arguably more violent than its predecessor. The first-time filmmaker's "retro-deranged date movie" has taken the cinema world by the cojones and could be the first in a series of new "hot-pink horrors."

'The Loved Ones' hero is Brent (Xavier Samuel), a metal-headed marijuana smoker who cuts himself to numb the pain of his father's recent death. Things start to look up when he and his girlfriend are set to attend the prom, until Brent's secret admirer reveals she has other plans. Lola (aka "Princess," played by Robin McLeavy) has decided she wants Brent to herself and will not take no for an answer. Her fluorescent pink prom dress and glittery make-up may look harmless, but they thinly veil a madness that only Jeffery Dahmer could understand.

"Red is usually the colour of horror, but in our case it's hot pink," Byrne says with a laugh. The Aussie filmmaker was in Toronto to attend the film festival premiere of 'The Loved Ones' and spoke to Moviefone about 'Twilight' star Xavier Samuel, and why Australians are so good at horror.