Interviews are nice and all, but whenever a new film comes out I find the more interesting bits of publicity leading up to it tend to be when a site asks filmmakers to list a series of films that stuck with them when they were working on their own film. In the case of Zombieland, Sci Fi Wire asked writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick for their eight favorite zombie moments, and the results are both surprising and telling of what we can expect from Zombieland when it opens October 2nd.

The surprising part is that only one scene from Shaun of the Dead, a film whose undead comedy leaves it an obvious bullseye for a Zombieland comparison, makes their list. Even more surprising, the scene they cite is one I don't even remember from the film, "The decapitation in Shaun of the Dead was a great, great, great one," Wernick says."

What decapitation? The Shaun clip Sci Fi Wire has accompanying that quote, the backyard record-tossing sequence, doesn't contain a decapitation, and I can't remember another one off the top of my head. Did Sci Fi Wire choose the wrong clip? Has the Zombieland writer just mis-remembered something that happens off screen? Am I forgetting something here?
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